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  • Model : Disc & Disc Brake Tool (TB-1940)Disc brake mount facing tool -To ensure disc brakes performance, the frame's mounting tabs must be aligned with the brake pads and rotor.-Made of high-grade steel to perfectly face frame and fork disc brake mounts by removing paint and material to create a clean and flat surface.-Compatible with International...

  • Model : Disc & Disc Brake Tool (TB-1940A)Adaptor Bushings -For TB-1940 adaptor,it work with 12mm or 15mm thru axle

  • Model : Disc & Disc Brake Tool (TB-4574 PAT)Cable cutter -An economical cable, designed for riders and home mechanics-Made of high-grade steel, heat-treated for hardness-The cutting jaws are sharp and strong for a clean cut on bicycle cables, housing.-It has a built in forming tool for reforming housing ends, and housing ferrules crimper for cable end...

  • Model : Disc & Disc Brake Tool (TB-4585)Inner cable puller -It can pull cables tight while adjusting brakes or index shifting-It features one-hand operation with a thumb lock to hold the cable tight.-An ideal toll for professional, workshops and home mechanics.

  • Model : Disc & Disc Brake Tool (TB-8075)Hydraulic brake piston press -Designed to compress pistons by pushing the brake pads apart to speed service and pad replacement.-Speciallu shape to prevent damages to the pads when compressing.-Soft hsndle¬†provides good leverage, comfort and control.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items